Let's face it: skin care can be baffling. In today's skin care industry where advertisements for skin care products, facials, waxing and more abound, it's difficult to choose. But don't worry! Here at European Skin Care, I do more than just sell you skin care products or services-- I teach you how to achieve your skin care dreams, I show you stretches and exercises that can help that aching back and I aspire to assist you with any questions you have. Never had a facial? Don't worry-- you're not alone. Curious about what I do here? Read below...


Q: What makes Pauline's European Skin Care so special?

A: I have been serving Riverside for almost 30 years. I am fully licensed and insured as required by the city and state-- so you know that I am extensively trained in my field. You can feel safe in the fact that I am experienced and knowledgeable. I pride myself on cleanliness, precision, professionalism and customer service. I use the same high-quality skin care lines in my back-bar as I sell out you (with exception, of course, to professional grade products that cannot be sold to anyone other than skin care professionals) so your results will be consistent. My linens are changed after every client, tools/floors/equipment are sanitized for your safety. For those that are familiar with going to nail salons, spas, hair salons and other such places-- you know how important this is.

Additionally, I make it my mission to assist you with any of your skin care and waxing needs so that you are happy with your purchases and visits. I do more than just preform facials-- I teach proper skin care and prescribe products that are uniquely chosen for your specific skin type. I care about my customers and provide only the best for them!

Q: Do I take walk-in appointments?

A: Of course I do. HoIver, while I do accept walk-in and last minute appointments, I do not always guarantee their availability. It is strongly encouraged to make an appointment ahead of time in order to get the time and date that works the best with your schedule.

Q: Do I have evening appointments available?

A: My hours and days are different than those that I used to work when I was at European Skin Care, and different than my current location, The Beauty Hospital.

Q: Do I offer gift certificates?

A: Yes. Please contact the Beauty Hospital for more information on this.

Q: "Why should I pay more here when I can pay less elsewhere?"

A: I can't ansIr this question for you. In many ways it might be asking what the difference is betIen a new wine and an expertly aged vintage. How do you know how to compare them if you haven't tried both? It ultimately comes to preference. I encourage you to stop by and try out my skin care and waxing services before you make the decision to pass me by. I don't know anything about the other places you're looking at, so I cannot give you a proper comparison-- I can only tell you what I know:

What I can tell you is that I know what I can do in terms of facials, waxing, holistic services and more. I am Ill-trained, fully licensed and consistent-- you will not get a different skin care specialist or massage therapist every time you come in. When you come for a facial, you get results and you gain skin care knowledge that will last you a lifetime. I don't just give you the facial, waxing or a holistic service you want and send you out the door without another word. I care for my clients.

I are punctual, fair and you get your money's worth. I am knowledgeable, boast training from more than one institution, have excellent ratings online and can proudly say that some of the best in Beverly Hills Ire even trained by me. I know our products are top-quality and fairly priced-- and extremely effective. I know I are clean, professional and have maintained our level of excellent service, results and customer care for over 30 years. So the question you should be asking is: why haven't you come to me before now? You won't be disappointed.

Q: What time should you show up for your appointment?

A: It is highly recommended that you leave your home/work/etc. earlier than you think you need to-- especially if you are travelling via freeway. This is in consideration for traffic, accidents, Iather and other unexpected occurances. I ask frequent clients to arrive a few minutes early so that they can use the restroom if necessary (there's nothing more disruptive than having to get up and use the restroom in the middle of a facial or massage session!) breathe, relax and unwind before entering into their service-- if they are especially early, they may enjoy a cup of tea or a glass of cold water while they wait. If you are a new client, I advise you arrive 10-15 minutes for both the same reasons as frequent clients and also to fill out any consultation forms and to familiarize yourself with your surroundings.

If you are a new client and you have not filled out the new client information form, please arrive 10-15 minutes prior to your scheduled time. This is a mandatory form that is required for both the safety of the customer and for the specialist and may not be skipped or filled out after the appointment. It is in your best interest to allow time to fill it out so that it does not cut into your session time.

If you are late I will do my best to accomodate you and provide for you the time you have booked. I try to provide a 5-10 minute grace period from the start of appointment time-- no appointments will be a priority after the 10 minute grace period. The reason being that if I have customers arriving directly after you and they arrive on time for their appointment, it is unfair to cut their time short. You may still recieve all aspects of your requested service (in the case of a facial, you will still recieve the full cleansing, steaming, exfoliation and so on, with the full effects they entail) but it may not be nearly as relaxing or enjoyable or with as many extractions as you would have liked. Please, be courteous and respectful to other customers and employees and show up early.

Q: "Will you call me and remind me of my appointment the day before?"

A: I provide this service as a courtesy-- but I do not guarantee it. Please be mindful of appointments you schedule and be careful to rely on me to remind you-- just in case I do not have time to remind you or are otherwise unable to reach you.

Q: What forms of payment do I take?

A: We take Cash, Visa, Mastarcard, AmEx, and discover. I do not accept out-of-state checks, nor do I accept personal checks.

Q: "I was told you have a 24-hour cancellation policy-- what does this mean?"

A: This means that I require 24-hours notice if you wish to move or cancel the appointment. You must call and either leave a message or talk to a customer service representative to do so. Failure to abide by this policy incurs the cost of the full service that was booked. This fee will be applied to your account and the fee will need to be paid in order to continue any further services with us.

As a courtesy, I try to call or text our clients to remind them of their appointments the day before-- but this is not a mandatory practice. It is ultimately the client's responsiblity to be courteous and notify us if they cannot make it.

Q: Why do I have a 24-hour Cancellation Policy?

A: To be honest, I dislike enforcing this as much as my clients dislike hearing it. HoIver, this is entirely in consideration of our customers and our employees. For my customers who wish to come in, have specific needs or are desperate for an appointment, but are placed on a wait list due to lack of available appointments that day, it is a loss to them. Reflectively, if a client does not show up for their appointment, then I do not get paid and if I am unable to fill that slot immediately, I lose the opportunity altogether.

While occasional cancellations and no-shows are to be expected in businesses, there has been an alarming amount within recent years to the point where it becomes difficult to keep working and severely impacts my ability to stay in business. While I understand that emergencies and accidents do happen, and am sympathetic to them, repeated offenses become detrimental to my lively hood. Therefore, I ask that you remain courteous and respectful to me and hopeful customers and give us 24-hour notice of any cancellations.

Q: "What should I Iar to my appointment?"

A: You should come comfortably dressed and ready to relax, regardless of the service you are recieving.

"Is there anything I should know before I come in for a service?"

A: You should know exactly where I am if you have not been to my new location before: I am located in the Beauty Hospital on Magnolia Avenue in Riverside, California.

If you are expecting a walk-in appointment, please be aware that one is not guaranteed to be available. Make sure to tell me ahead of time if you have any special needs, allergies or sensitivities so that accommodations may be made and products free of any allergens you are sensitive to may be set out ahead of time.

Facials & Waxing

Q: "I've never had a facial before-- what can I expect?"

A: Firstly, you should know what changes (if any) that you want to see. Some seek a more youthful glow, while others are concerned with acne, large pores, dark spots-- to name a few. Take a close look at your skin and let your skin care professional know exactly what you are looking for so that they have a better idea as to what facial to suggest. Because everyone's skin is unique, your esthetician will ask you several questions that may not seem relevent-- but there's a lot that goes into skin care, including what you eat. This helps me to determine the root of any problems you may have and can effect what facial I choose for you.

Facials can be a relaxing, pampering experience, but when preformed by a true professional esthetician, they can be effective too! All of the facials I offer start out with a gentle cleansing, mild peeling, steaming and exfoliation to better prepare the skin to accept subsequent care. I individually assess each client's skin and choose the appropriate products for them from my back bar to suit their needs. If requested, extractions are preformed in such a way that the skin is not damaged (please see "What Are Extractions?" in the FAQ). When the facial is concluded, proper masks are used to close up the pores, calm down any irritations and folloId up with proper moisturizers (appropriate to your skin type).

Q: "Do men get facials?"

A: Of course. In fact, you'd be surprised how many of my clients are men. Even men get milia, blackheads, acne, and wrinkles-- all the same skin troubles as women. Sometimes their skin can be tougher, but that's not a problem for me-- proper skin care should be a necessity for everyone! Beards and stubble are not a problem, but please avoid shaving at least 2 days before your appointment as the friction of shaving can make the skin overly sensitive to peels, exfoliation or fruit acids.

Q: "How old does someone have to be to have a facial?"

A: I generally like to say at least 12 if there are acne issues that must be addressed. If it is for general maintanence or just for fun, 10 or older is recommended-- regardless, if they are under 18, they must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

Rest assured I will work with your young one to help them gain a better understanding of how to take care of their skin. Unfortunately, because even youth facials take the same amount of time, effort and product as that of an adult, the price is the same for everyone.

Q: "Do you do acne facials?"

A: Yes. I ask for the client to fill out an additional 2-page form (which can be requested and filled out ahead of time) that asks more in-depth questions than our standard short intake form. It inquires about your diet, how you cleanse your face, what your habits are, etc. This helps me to gain a better understanding of why you are breaking out and assists us in finding a solution for you.

Acne facials are preformed just as standard facials (with steaming and deep cleansing) but may require more extractions and sometimes more than one visit. I do not like to overtraumatize the skin, especially if it is a young client.

I go over proper skin care techniques with the client, so that proper care is being done at home in addition to the professional skin care treatments they recieve here. I will offer samples of products that will help to clear up the problem and product regimen discounts for future purchase.

Proper skin care knowledge is a valuable thing to have, especially at a young age, to prevent (and/or reverse) scarring, hyperpigmentation and more. It is my goal to achieve a solution to your acne topically so that some prescriptions may not be necessary.

Q: "What are extractions?"

A: Please note: these should never be preformed by anyone other than a professional-- even 'picking' (squeezing, scratching or popping of pimples) at home can permanently damage the skin! Extractions are the removal of stubborn debris trapped in the pores that cannot be removed through cleansing or exfoliation. This includes deep black heads, white heads or milia (harder deposits that results in bumps under the skin that never seem to go away). While these can be a momentary discomfort, it's important to keep in mind that these are done upon request only-- but almost everyone needs extractions at some point! Each esthetician prefers their own method, but I prefer to do extractions in such a way that will not harm or damage the skin. Afterwards, a special combination of peels, masks, serums and other professional methods are used to close the pores back up again to avoid further debris from getting in. When done correctly, this evens the skin tone, can significantly tighten pores and smooth the skin.

Please note, hoIver, that extractions (especially when done on sensitive skin) may leave small red marks behind-- but these disappear within a day or two. So it is not advised to get them right before a special event-- but make sure to book another appointment for later if they are especially needed.

Q: "What is a peel?"

A: There is a common misconception in the industry that the word 'peel' is synonymous with 'makes my face look raspberry red and horrible'. This is due to the appearance of people who have only recently recieved medical grade chemical peels, or a peel that was preformed incorectly. This isn't the same for every peel! I use mostly mild peels that derive from fruit acids (such as apples, citrus oils, sugar cane and other such sources) that will not harm the skin in any way, nor will they leave the skin 'raspberry red' or peeling dramatically. Even my glycolic peels are preformed mildly at first to assess the skin's tolerance for it before proceeding to a higher concentration-- while effective, it will not harm the skin. In fact, peels are highly effective for deeply cleaning the pores, gently exfoliating off dead skin, evening out the skin tone, addressing scarring and acne issues and more! Rest assured that with most of my peels, hardly any visible skin peeling is visible-- the products work their magic, but in a gentler manner.

The only exception to this is the All Natural Original Deep Herbal Green Peel, which is never done on first time clients. This unique treatment (proven effective for over 50 years) peels naturally from the bottom up, rather than the top down, like conventional peels, will not harm the skin in any way and uses all natural herbs as opposed to harsh chemicals-- you can read more about it HERE).

Q: "Are all facials the same?"

A: Absolutely not! The effectiveness and quality of a facial can vary widely from business to business. In a random nail salon/spa/beauty parlor, if the esthetician unlicensed, is inexperienced, using low- to medium-grade products in their back bar, or is poor skin care practices, your facial could be quite unpleasant if not totally ineffective. We've all had at least one horrible experience with at least one bad experience within the beauty industry-- but just as I can have bad experiences, some can be very good! It is very important that you investigate any location that you have your eyes set on-- pay close attention to reviews online, their reputation via word of mouth and take a look at the physical location to see if it is what you are looking for.

I pride myself on an excellent reputation. I use the same high-quality of European skin care products in my back bar as I sell you as a take home product-- so you know the quality is excellent. I am always professional, licensed, trained and experienced. I take great care to keep any tools and equipment clean, sanitary and in good repair as to offer you the best facial services possible.

While I offer a basic 'no-frills' facial-- the European Facial-- I also offer a wide variety of facials that achieve different things. For example, my Champagne & Caviar Facial is for evening the skin tone, lifting, firming and plumping the skin-- a great service right before a special event or just because! If fading dark spots is your goal, I offer glycolic, pumpkin or vitamin c facials. There are a lot of options available-- let me help you discover what your skin is craving. Because most of our facials (with a few exceptions) take around the same amount of time, I let our first-time clients know that they can simply book a facial without deciding immediately what kind of facial they want. I'll be happy to help you: I'll ask you a series of questions and have you fill out a general intake form which will allow us to discover what type of results you are looking for. I'll lead you in the right direction from there.

Q: "What makes Pauline's European Skin Care facials so special?"

A: I believe that what you do at home after a facial is just as important as the facial itself-- I often teach proper homecare regimens in conjunction with our facials so that when you go home, you don't undo all the work the facial just did. Many spas may not provide this information, preferring instead to simply do the service requested and send you on your way-- that's not my attitude! I want you to be fully satisfied with your decision to come to me, so I will make sure to provide you with the information, samples and products required to maintain your great looking skin at home betIen treatments.

And believe me, there is a significant difference betIen a facial you get from elsewhere and the facial you will recieve from me. I have gained extensive skin care knowledge across the course of my career, learning techniques from around the world (with a special focus on German and European techniques). I'm even a certified trainer for the world renown Schrammek Original Deep Herbal Green Peel-- a title held by skin care experts that have gone through rigerous training from the company itself and have the proper experience to back it up. This knowledge allows me to expertly assess your unique skin type and find the proper facials, skin care products and remedies to achieve your skin care goals.

Q: "What facial do you recommend I get?"

A: This is possibly one of the most common questions I get, especially over the phone and the ansIr is not as simple as you expect. I do not offer instant assessments because the skin is more complicated than a simple glance can derive. For example, acne can be a result of hormones, diet, poor skin care, lack of hydration, or a comibination of things-- to name a few! It is nearly impossible for me to accurately prescribe a facial for you-- especially over the phone! What I do advise my clients is to make either a free consultation appointment (which takes about 15-minutes) or an hour facial appointment (most of our facials take an hour-- you do not need to decide immediately which one) so that I can give you the most professional opinion possible. My preference, of course, is that you make an hour facial appointment which allows me to remove any debris or make-up off the surface of the skin and view your skin under a mag-lite to see exactly what issues you want to address.

Whichever option you choose, you will be asked to fill out at least one consultation form, so it is advisable that you arrive 5-10 minutes early for your appointment so that you may take your time ansIring any written questions and any verbal questions I may have for you. Because your skin is special and unique, I wish to provide you with a fully customized facial appropriate to your needs.

Q:"Do I need a facial?"

A: In my opinion, everyone should experience a professional facial at least once in their lives, if not only to enjoy it as a pampering and relaxing experience, but to at least gain valuable skin care knowledge. In my experience, most new clients learn at least one thing each time they visit me-- be it proper skin care techniques or a broader understanding of professional versus generic skin care products. Overall, a facial can be a great experience and whether it is relaxation you seek or to clear away a skin issue, you will not walk away unsatisified.

Q: "How often do I need a facial?"

This is mainly dependent on each person's wants and needs. Ideally, I recommend most of my clients to get a facial at least every 4-6 Ieks for maintanence. If they are trying to achieve something specific, like clearer skin or the fading dark spots (hyper pigmentation) for example, I may recommend a series close together (a treatment or facial every 1-2 Ieks) to clear away the problem, then every 4-6 Ieks once the problem is clear.

Q: "I have sensitive skin, should I avoid facials?"

A: No. In fact, sometimes facials can help calm your skin down, assuming you're as sensitive as you think you are. Across the years I have heard the same mantra 'I have sensitive skin'-- what I've learned most often to be the truth is in a sense you do have sensitive skin-- you're sensitive to poor quality ingredients in drug-store brand skin care and/or you're sensitive to products that aren't appropriate for your skin type. In the end, I find that using high-quality products--like the ones I sell-- and using products that are more appropriate to your unique skin type results in a skin that is, in fact, not as sensitive as you'd think.

If you are hesitant, it's understandable-- but I encourage you to give me a try. BetIen years of experience and great products that have excellent reputations, I have had astonishing results. I accept product returns if you are not satisfied with your purchase, but I rarely have returns!

Q: "I got brow waxing once from a random salon and it made me break out."

A: I don't always know the conditions of the 'other spa' you Int to-- your resulting break out could be a result of wax that is contaminated, low-quality wax, wax that is not temperature controlled, improper techniques or more. Or you could simply be sensitive to waxing in general-- I don't know. What I do know is that I use only high-quality swiss honey wax (for normal skin) and blue azulene wax (for sensitive skin). I am careful about not contaminating my wax, using a new stick each time to avoid 'double dipping' at all costs. My techniques are meant to avoid skin and follicle trauma at all costs-- and methods that help to immediately calm the skin to avoid further discomfort. I rarely recieve complaints complaining of break outs-- my advice is to give me a try before you decide to never try waxing again. You may be surprised at the difference.

Q: "Does waxing hurt?"

A: It can sting for a few seconds, yes. It can be more uncomfortable if the hair is especially long or too short, or if it is your first time having it done. The more often you get waxing, the more likely your sensitivity to it (if any) will eventually subside.

The only exception to this rule is if you are using a strong professional products or medically prescribed acne medications (such as glycolic, Epiduo, Retin-A or anything else internal or external--like antibiotics-- that may cause sensitivity in your skin-- the warnings in your prescription should warn you if there will be any, so check with your doctor if you are unsure). I do not do facial waxing if this is the case-- you must stop using any skin care products at least 3 days before I can do facial waxing because I do not wish to cause undue stress to the skin.

Q: "Is there anything I should know before doing face or body waxing?"

A: For all types of waxing, it is important to know that a minimum of 1/4" of growth (2-3 Ieks minimum for most) is required in order for us to provide you with the longest lasting and most effective waxing service possible.

Q: "How long will it take for hair to grow after getting waxed?"

A: This is usually different for each person. It depends on how long you let the hair grow out before letting it get waxed, how fast your hair grows in general and how often you wax it. For most, a brow wax can last for 4-6 Ieks, but for some whose hair grows much faster, it may only last 2-3 Ieks. My best advice is to get the waxing done and moniter for yourself how long it takes for your hair to grow-- this is a decent scale for about how long you should go betIen waxings. After a customer has been waxing the same area for a long period of time, the hair growth may slow eventually and they will sometimes have to come in less often.

If you are waxing before a big event or trip I recommend that you gauge the time correctly and plan ahead-- if you have sensitive skin, wax a few days ahead of time (or hoIver long it takes for any redness to subside). If you are not sensitive (which most are not), then schedule your waxing for the day before your event or trip.

Q: "I am on prescription medications for my acne-- can I still get a facial?"

A:Yes. HoIver, if you are taking/using anything that causes sensitivity (this is up to your discretion and whatever it says on your prescriptions under 'side effects'), I recommend you stop at least 2-3 days before you come in to see us so that I can effectively serve you.

In fact, it may be very beneficial to you to inform your doctor that you will be visiting me-- I have worked in conjunction with doctors in special cases where prescriptions Ire absolutely necessary. This is, of course, entirely up to you and your doctor to decide.

Q: "Can I still have a facial if I am pregnant?"

A:Yes. But as always, if you have any concerns, it is always important to check with your doctor first. I will not do any chemical peels or treatments that could remotely cause harm to your baby, nor will I suggest any products that fall under the same category. You and your baby's health is my first concern.

Product Information

Q: "What products do you use?"

A: I use mostly European products (primarily German and French) that have a proven history. These products are proven effective across a long period of time, rigorous tests to determine effectiveness, stability, quality and more. They are not animal tested. They contain a high-quality of ingredients that cannot be found in over-the-counter products or drugstore brands and are difficult to find in department stores. They are not sold online by the companies because it is preferred that they be created and sold in small batches to ensure their quality and freshness. We carry: Biodgora / Biodroga MD, Dr. Grandel / Phyris, Dr. Christine Schrammek (including the Original Blemish Balm and the Original All-Natural Deep Herbal Green Peel-- both boasting over 50 years of success), DerModality / Head 2 Toe, Le Mieux and Arabesque (to name a few). We use the same brand and quality of products in our back-bars for facials to keep results consistant.

Q: "Aren't your products the same as anything I get at any other store?"

A: No! The products I use here are primarily European, where a concentration on ingredient quality, product effectiveness, unique skin types and combinations are more focused on than traditinal US brands. Additionally, European and Asian products are made in much smaller batches than some of the larger companies, so it is easier to ensure freshness and deliver immediate results versus large companies that focus on quantity over quality-- this results in a product that contains higher amounts of the ingredients that are designed to do what the product says it's supposed to do.

In most cases, when you purchase a professional product, someone who has been using/selling/working with that product for years and has proper skin care knowledge is the one selling it to you because professional products aren't sold in a standard store-- they're sold only to professionals. When it comes to over-the-counter skin care products, you are at the mercy of the often vague description, someone who knows little to nothing about skin types/skin care and more. Skin types such as 'oily/combination', 'normal/dry' appear on over-the-counter products-- they lean towards the 'one size fits all' mentality. Meanwhile, professional products are more specific, observing that just because you're dry, doesn't mean you'll use the same skin care products as everyone else with dry skin.

Additionally, professional skin care products tend to contain a few (or none at all) synthetic fragrances, colors or dyes-- these types of ingredients increase your chance to have a reaction or sensitivity. Many of my lines also avoid petroleum bases, mineral oils and other poor quality oils that tend to be quite common in drugstore brands. Concerned about animal testing? The brands I carry don't do that. Over the counter products, however, are not so strict on this type of testing.

The products I carry (Biodroga, Dr. Grandel, Phyris, Schrammek, Dermodality, Le Mieux) are established, fairly priced and cannot be bought over the counter for many of the reasons listed above. They are professional, small batch, controlled and extensively researched, meticulously created and held to the highest standards. Rest assured that each product has been used by a member of our staff at least once-- I do not sell anything I do not know anything about, that I have not thouroughly tested ourselves and does not show results as promised by its label. I offer a 30-day money back return policy-- if you don't like it, bring it back immediately and I will return the amount to you in the same form it was purchased in.

Q: "I use a product from one of the companies you carry, but don't see it on the shelf."

A: That's no problem-- if you are using a product from Biodroga , Biodroga MD , Dr. Grandel , Phyris , H2T Dermodality , Le Mieux , Schrammek or any other company I order, but don't see it on my shelves, I can order it for you if it hasn't been discontinued. Please give us a week to recieve it and I will call you as soon as it arrives.

Q: "I am moving and/or won't be able to get in to get my skin products from you."

Luckily, I can ship your product to you! We know that when you find a product you love, it can be hard (if not impossible) to find something to match it-- so don't! Simply call us up and I will assist you any way I can.

Q: "Are your products animal tested?"

A: No. As mentioned before, the majority of my products are European. Animal testing on finished products was banned in Europe (officially) on September 2003 (though the beauty industry there had phased animal testing out long before that), cosmetics since 2009 and even the sale of animal tested products in Europe is illegal (since 2013). Additionally, even the sale of cosmetic products containing ingredients tested on animals Ire also banned. According to EU law "Cosmetic product manufacturers may refer to the fact that no animal tests have been carried out only if they and their suppliers have not carried out or commissioned any animal tests on the finished cosmetic product, or its prototype, or any of the ingredients contained in it, or used any ingredients that have been tested on animals by others for the purpose of developing new cosmetic products". You will not see the "no animal testing" indication on your product (which is common in the US) simply because the law in the EU doesn't allow it-- Regulation (EU) 655/2013 "prohibit claims that indicate mere compliance with legal requirements. Since the ban on animal testing applies equally to all cosmetic products on the EU market, it would appear that claims relating to avoidance of animal testing would not be permitted. That law covers claims in the form of text, trademarks, pictures and figurative or other signs". The companies I get my products from have been around a long time, some boasting establishment dates that go back over 50 years and have abstained from animal testing for either the majority, or all, of their existence.

Q: "When do my products expire?"

A: Because my skin care products are European, they adhere to different standards than the US, so you will not see the same type of expiration types. You will see a batch number, which can be tracked by the company to determine when the product was made.

What makes my products different from US products is that my products are made in small batches by the company in the EU, shipped in small batches directly to the distributer in the US who orders only as much as they expect to sell within the month-- the products are kept in temperature controlled storage spaces. This means the product doesn't sit on their shelves for long and are not subjected to extreme temperatures. The distributor sends the product to me, which I recieve (usually) within a week-- and that product rarely sits on the shelf for more than a month-- most are gone within a week. This assures my customers that from the time the product was made, to the time it gets to them is a short trip. In the 30 years I have been open, returns for expiration reasons have been extremely rare. As I maintain a 30-day return policy, you can also rest assured that if there is ever an issue with your product, you can return it within the 30 days to exchange it, recieve your money back or I can credit your account for the amount owed to you and you can use it towards different products and/or services.

Whether it's before or after you open it, you should keep your skin care products and cosmetics in a cool, dark place, while avoiding extreme temperatures and direct sunlight. If you have jars, it is advised to use a clean spatula to scoop creams out to avoid contamination of your product-- this will give your product its maximum shelf life. You should never keep a product for over a year.

Q: "I'm unsure about purchasing a recommended product--what if I don't like it?"

A: To be honest, I rarely get returns; I first give samples to determine if the product suits you and for you to decide whether or not you like it, or I send samples with you when you purchase a product for the first time. Because of this, my customers know they like the product before they buy it-- no reason to return a product you love! So if you are purchasing a skin care or cosmetic product for the first time, ask for a sample first and I will provide one (if one is available).

Still want to return it? Good news, I have a 30-day return policy. If there is something wrong with the product, you decide you want something else, or simply wish to return it, you can exchange it (for something of equal value), get your money back (in the form of which you paid), or recieve store credit for use on services with me. You must have your original reciept, however-- so don't lose it!

Q: "Aren't all-natural and/or orgainc products better for you?"

A: To be truthful, this is a touchy subject. But I often offer our clients the shortest of explanations: coal tar and cyanide are all-natural, they can even be organic, but you wouldn't put them on your face, would you? That's to say, don't fall for the 'good' label before you know what's really going on.

In recent years, the trends of 'healthy', 'good for you', 'organic' and 'all-natural' have risen to epic levels in the skin care community-- but not because of its effectiveness. Unfortunately, human perception is often skewed by the media, unsubstantiated claims (especially those masquerading as 'legitimate studies'). Even more, the media often hypes the dangers of common ingredients in skin care, while neglecting to mention that there are different refinement processes that can render said ingredient harmless or dangerous, different molecule sizes that decide whether or not that ingredient can penetrate deeply enough to cause harm, and stay quiet on the extensive amount of effort that goes into producing safe and effective products and equally silent when the claims that Ire made by John Doe about the dangers of certain ingredients retracts his statement when the claims are unsubstantiated. Credibility is often lacking, supporting studies are often fabricated and so on-- with the 'healthy' craze sIeping the nation, it is difficult to see through the sea of labels that say 'low fat', 'all-natural', 'organic' or 'heart healthy' to see the truth-- sometimes 'good' labels hide dirty secrets. Additionally, the standards that apply to organic foods are not the same when it comes to organic skin care which are no where near as strictly regulated. When it comes to food, buying organic is great-- but there are different rules in the skin care world. Organic and all-natural doesn't always mean it's safe.

There are stories to be found online from people who have clung to the organic/natural rule for years and stopped suddenly due to a severe bacterial infection that could have led to their deaths-- all because these products didn't contain anything to keep bacteria at bay. Without preservatives (like parabens, which coincidentally are also in blueberries, making them technically 'all-natural'...) your creams are also rendered ineffective much more quickly than those with preservatives. It's an interesting divide.

People hear the word 'chemical' and shriek-- but did you know that most plants,fruits and vegetables-- especially those commonly used in all-natural and organic skin care-- have naturally occurring chemicals in them? It's all about the dosage. It's the same with standard skin care products. So how to do you decide what to use? Both organic/all-natural and professional skin care products have their advantages and disadvantages and it's important that you check labels to determine which product is going to do what you want while not containing too much of this or that. But don't toss a product away because of the hype media has placed on one of its ingredients-- do your research if you are truly concerned. Look into both sides of the argument and decide which is the most convincing, which has years of research to back it up instead of simply 'claims', 'mights' and 'potentials'.

In the end, it is entirely up to you to decide which route to take. I offer all-natural alternatives, if that is your preference. It is my passion to make sure that every customer is satisfied with their purchase or service.

Q: "I'm nervous about buying product. It doesn't always work for me."

A:I understand this totally-- but to be completely honest, while I accept returns, I don't often have any. This is because I offer samples for you to try before you purchase anything to make sure you like the product (and that it works for you) before you buy anything. I customize skin care regimens per client for their unique skin types, so you'll find our recommendations may be quite different from other recommendations you've had in the past from other salons.

Q: "Do you price match?"

A:No. This is because my products are never sold online. In fact, some of the companies are quite adament about not endorsing this type of sale. I have heard many complaints from different people who bought a spoiled product they found online us. Why was the product spoiled? Because many of the products you see that mirror mine are either not legitimate (imitations or bottles filled with another product all together), used as a tester then sold as a retail item (so it is half full) or are purchased at a low price from a closing salon (or a salon that's already closed). You are taking a risk in purchasing products of this nature online-- I hear too many tales of spoiled shipments, seperated product, damaged bottles, ineffective ingredients or irreplaceable purchases. I cannot help you with these and neither can the company itself-- they were purchased without proper licensing and therefore are not covered under anyone's policies.

If you are going commit to purchase a professional grade product, make sure to purchase it from a verified retailer to gurantee accuracy, freshness and quality. I have told my clients before: if you seek results with skin care, you must work with me-- or I cannot help you.

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