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May - July 2019

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Product Regimen Discount

Skin care regimens are key in maintaining healthy skin. Your skin care specialist can do so much for you in a single facial, but without proper homecare you could be setting yourself back. A proper homecare skin care regimen will allow you to continue the treatment at home in between recommended facials. For a limited time, buy a Regimen Package and save. Choose from two different packages:

  1. 4-Product Purchase- 15% off total purchase (before tax)
  2. 3-Product Purchase- 10% off total purchase (before tax)

Discount Days

ALL DISCOUNT DAYS ARE CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE as I become adjusted to my new location. Thank you for your patience and understanding during the transition.


All prices are subject to change without notice - please call for most current prices.

It is strongly encouraged for you to show up early to your appointment to fill out any needed paperwork, to unwind and perhaps even have a cup of tea...if you are late, I must unfortunately cut your service short to accommodate those that are on time. Thank you!

Please observe the 24-hour cancellation policy: if you do not give 24-hours notice of cancellation, I reserve the right to charge for the service(s) booked.

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NEW SKIN IN 5 DAYSThe most effective peel we have for most skin issues: acne, scarring, fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots (hyper pigementation), uneven skin tone, enlarged pores, sagging skin...the list goes on! Plus, it's all natural. This peel differes from your standard chemical peels-- it peels from the bottom up, not from the top down! You'll be amazed by the results...Find more information HERE or call for your free consultation.

MY FINE PRODUCTS The same high quality products we sell are used in all of our services! We carry only the finest products, shipped straight from Germany that use the best ingrediants to satisfy all skin types! Some of our well known product lines include Biodroga, Schrammek, Dr. Grandel, Phyris and more! Go HERE to view our product lines and what you can expect from them!